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Children’s Activities: Farm camp and a Farmer’s Market

October 22, 2012

Programs for healthy eating and lifestyle flourish here in the US, especially those for children. I had the privilege of working at an 8 week summer camp on an organic farm, partnering with a committed farming couple who taught about organic farming and healthy lifestyle to a diverse group of local children. We coordinated the sessions so children were able to learn about nature, farming and healthy eating. They were able to take part in gathering, preparing and tasting various foods and recipes.  For example, children gathered salad makings from the garden then chose, prepared and tasted their creations. Another time, under supervision they  gathered wild edible greens and children learned to make ‘pissenlit’ – dandelion salad with bacon and eggs from chickens on the farm. An outing to the beach where they learned how to gather clams was followed by a session on edible sea foods and clam chowder making. See the ‘How To Eat a Rainbow ‘  blog for more recipes.

The local farmers market was an opportunity to coordinate my ‘Eat a Rainbow Every Day’ project with Farm Fresh Rhode Island’s Healthy Food Healthy Families program which educated and provided families with children access to local, seasonal foods through a creative program. On the day, children learned the benefits of eating different coloured fruits and vegetables through a series of experiencial activities.

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