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Naturopathy; a self help technique for headaches and more

October 22, 2012
Self help technique

Points to hold

This is one of my favorite self-help techniques that may be useful for headaches, neck and shoulder tension, feeling out of sorts and is a traditionally used kinesiology practise for determining food intolerances when used by a trained kinesiologist.With palms of both hands toward the face, place the fingers of one hand (except for thumb), with the little finger at the outer corner of either eye (touching skin not eye) lay fingers in a straight line between the eye and ear.With other hand, place 2nd and third fingers behind oppsite ear lobe. Gently hold these points for 5-10 seconds then switch sides. You may feel a sense of relaxation, headache, neck/shoulder tension may diminish, coordination, energy and clarity of mind may improve.

This is especially useful if you’ve eaten a food that may not suit. It is however only a temporary ‘fix’ so will need repeating or better still-avoid culprit food!

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