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The Challenges to Healthy Eating

October 22, 2012

Food choices are overwhelming and temptation is everywhere. Even the most health conscious among us can be side-tracked by social events, busy schedules, work commitments and a culture that revolves around fast food. Though plentiful, vegetables make their appearance in salads and are less frequently cooked and served with main courses both at resturants and at home. The cost of organic, clean food, free of additives can be prohibitive to some despite the best of intentions.

As energy and feelings of wellbeing falter, weight creeps on and signs of vibrant health waver, it becomes important to look for ways to  manage this.

Here are some ways I found to be helpful:

  • Be prepared try not to get caught out in order to  avoid drops in blood sugar which trigger cravings for high sugar and fatty fast foods. Bring foods with you that are low glycemic, slow release and appealing (to you). What works for me are chick pea flour pancake wraps ( oat cakes, hummous, seeds, nuts, cut up vegetables and pieces of chicken or turkey.
  • Eat a sustaining breakfast with some protein– it will keep you going much longer and help resist the temptation for sweets. This works so well that a popular cereal brand is using it on TV advertisements!
  • Try to have  regular mealtimes whenever possible. Everyone is unique and what works for one may not for another. Try different ways-grazing, 3 meals and 2-3 small snacks, no snacks, big breakfasts, small breakfasts, etc. -there are many possibilities.
  • Choose your indulgences with awareness.Sometimes just thinking about it presents one with different options.
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